• Every couple or family who attended (should have) received a pair of bottles of homemade wine. Since we needed to make enough for everyone attending and were only able to produce about 25 bottles per month, Mark started almost immediately after he proposed in April 2016. That's a whole year and a half before!

  • Anyone who posted to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #MARKWITHAKIM had their photo printed out automatically at the wedding. Your photos were also posted to an online gallery which you can view here.  Hope you didn't post anything too embarrassing!

  • One of the flavors of our wedding cake was lemon herb. The lemons used in the cake came from the lemon tree in our backyard.

  • All of the tables at the reception were named after San Francisco landmarks and neighborhoods, each of which had a significant connection and meaning to us. There was a short description on each table number card that explained why these areas were special to us. Here are all of them:

  1. Candlestick: Built in the 1960's, Candlestick Park was the home of the SF Giants until 1999 and the SF 49ers til 2014. We also live down the street from there!
  2. Little Hollywood: Named for how the homes here look like LA's old residential neighborhoods and for being the former home of Mae West, this is the tiny neighborhood we live in now! It's also the neighborhood where Mark's dad grew up.
  3. Visitacion Valley: Also known as "Viz Valley," it's the district near the neighborhood we live in (Little Hollywood). It's also home to Mark's favorite sandwich spot, Piccolo Pete's.
  4. Bernal Heights: Up in these hills, there's great views of the city. It's one of our favorite spots to go to, and there's a (not so) secret park here with some really long slides!
  5. Embarcadero: The waterfront of San Francisco. We had our first kiss on a bench along the Embarcadero - it's also where Mark proposed.
  6. McCovey Cove: AT&T Park, current home of the SF Giants, sits along the water here. Look at all our photo! Can you tell that we're fans?
  7. Telegraph Hill: One of San Francisco's "original seven hills," and home to Coit Tower, one of our many stops during our first date.
  8. Excelsior: One of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in San Francisco, Excelsior also has a large Filipino community. Mark's parents got married in this area and he even went to preschool here.
  9. Fillmore: Heart of San Francisco's jazz community and at one point was the largest jazz scene on the west coast. Kim currently works in this neighborhood.
  10. Ingleside: the neighborhood Kim grew up in. Her parents got married here and are still living in this area.
  11. Lombard: The "crookedest street in the world" and another one the many stops on our first date.
  12. Twin Peaks: In a city full of hills, this is the highest point and geographic center of San Francisco.
  13. Lakeside: Home to San Francisco State and Stonestown Galleria, our first meeting spot on our first date.
  14. Sunset: Located on the west coast of the city, this neighborhood (despite its name) is always blanketed in fog. Kim went to high school in this neighborhood and Mark lived here for a short while.
  15. Ocean Beach: San Francisco's only beach, and one of the many stops on our first date. You can surf there, but it'll be freezing!
  16. Sutro Baths: A lookout over the cliffs with a view of the ocean. There's also the ruins of an old bath house there. It was one of our most frequent date spots.
  17. Presidio: A former military fort up in the northern tip of San Francisco, this mostly wooded area is home is the entryway to the Golden Gate Bridge